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Throwback Thursday: Local Family Dentist Celebrates A 5 Year Anniversary…!


In the tradition of celebrating businesses and business owners that have helped to develop our town, here’s the story of Frances Thompson DDS who struck out on her own and is doing very well…!

A note from Dr Thompson:

I was born and raised in Lake Charles. I went to McNeese for undergraduate and then LSU in New Orleans for dental school. I come from a long line of dentists: my dad is a retired dentist, my uncle is a dentist, my great grandfather was a dentist (I actually have his dental school diploma hanging in my office), and my great grandfather was a dentist. And in dental school, I discovered even more dental relatives! We had to wear monogrammed scrubs with our names on them, and I remember sitting in lab one day when a junior walked in front of me with my last name monogrammed on his scrub top. Of course I had to stop him and ask, and it turns out that we were second cousins. He told me that his dad and brother were dentists, also.

I became interested in dentistry while working for my dad. I liked how dentistry combines a medical knowledge of the human mouth and the artistic ability to restore teeth with a need for a great deal of personal interaction. It seemed like the best of all worlds. And it is! I love what I do and feel so blessed that I am able to work in such a great profession. It’s such a great feeling to be able to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives by fixing a broken tooth or getting someone out of pain who has struggled with a toothache. I love being able to teach someone how to achieve and maintain a healthy smile, too. It’s rewarding to restore someone back to optimal oral health and then see them keep it up at routine check-ups and cleanings.

I graduated dental school in May of 2013 and opened up my own practice from scratch back here in Lake Charles in June of that same year. Owning my own practice enables me to organize my schedule so that I can have enough time to devote as much attention to each patient as necessary to be able to ensure quality care. It also enables me to have the freedom to choose whom I work with. Shonna and Christine have been with me since I opened, and I owe much of my success as a practice owner to them. Shonna is a dental insurance guru and knows as much about maximizing dental insurance benefits as I do about teeth! And Christine is such a joyful assistant, she has us laughing more often than not when doing dental work. Most importantly, though, I know they care about everyone who comes through our door just as much as I do; I feel so lucky to have them on board.

As far as advice goes, I would strongly recommend brushing morning and night with a fluoridated toothpaste and flossing everyday. I’m pretty sure that news article that stated flossing is no longer necessary was developed by a dentist somewhere who wanted to get more business. And, if you really want to impress your dentist at your next visit, buy a water pick and use it everyday in addition to brushing and flossing. Talk about shortening the time it takes you to get through your next dental cleaning! If you are a new parent, like my husband and I are proud to say we are, get your little one started early using that toothbrush! It’s important to instill good oral hygiene habits early on to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Business address: Frances Thompson DDS, 632 West McNeese Street, Lake Charles, LA, 70605

Phone: (337) 478-1113 (office) (337) 990-5616 (fax)



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