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So Many New Businesses… We Need Your Suggestions…!


Expect a higher output from us in the coming months as we announce and profile new businesses coming to Lake Charles and it’s surrounding areas.

Having been a little quiet during 2019, we’d like to go back and re-introduce some of the new businesses that have popped up in the area.

We need your HELP though…! Which new businesses would you like to hear more about?

Let us know and we’ll contact the business and do a write up on them. Maybe even a video walkthrough…let you see inside.

Below is an short list of new businesses (most opened, some not). Let us know if you like the scoop on any of these and feel free to add to the list.

LIT Pizza

Game2Life Tactical Laser Combat

Wildwood Pizza

CC’s Coffee

The Ritz Academy


Premier Personal Training & Pilates

Go back to the post and comment away…!!!


Photo Cred to visitlakecharles.org (and Monsours Photography…I think)

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