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See a rendering of one of the proposed developments for Morganfield


This is a rendering of what will be a completed development in Morganfield. Credit Architects Southwest.

It’s a commercial space on the first floor and living space up top… Cool stuff!


(Credit: Design Vision for this aerial rendering)

Here’s a little snippet from the website…

MorganField was inspired by the best small towns of the past.

Places that offer an unhurried atmosphere where residents and visitors enjoy great conservation as much as they enjoy great food.

A place where people come to experience authentic character and characters, along with cultural events and beautiful outdoor settings.

MorganField offers residents a way to change their lifestyle and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. A livable, walkable community, convenient to shopping, dining and entertainment.

A place to recharge and relax at home or head outdoors for a run or lively community festival.

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