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Is Lake Charles Getting a SHUCKS! Louisiana Seafood House?


36259885_1852783178098389_7329529722629521408_oWell, if you’ve ever been to Abbeville, Louisiana and had the lucky opportunity of dining at SHUCKS! then you’ll be ecstatic about them opening their second location in Lake Charles, Louisiana!

Yes, the rumors have been confirmed, SHUCKS! closes on a property between Nelson and Lake Street on the Contraband Bayou just after Christmas time this year! Wow, how lucky are we going to be, to have a wonderful locally owned Louisiana seafood house here in the Lake area? I know I’m excited, especially beings I’ll only live like a few minutes away from this newest location! I hear that it is going to have all of the best Cajun cuisines that they serve in their Abbeville location and they are building it from the ground up with a totally new and innovative scene for live music and entertainment … it’s going to be one of the most happening places here in the lake area from the sounds of it and they are excited to bring it here! Opening dates are about 6 to 8 months out, so save the date and follow them on their current Facebook page for updated info on their progress! You can also count on me keeping you up to date on it as well, because for one I’m looking forward to it as much as you all are!


The first location was founded in 1995 by true, born and raised Louisiana Cajun folks. They’ve embodied the essence of authentic Cajun Cuisine, using the freshest of resources that or available in Louisiana to create their delectably scrumptious menu. From our rich farmland’s choice beef and pork, abundance of fresh seafood including shrimp, oysters, crabmeat, and our wild game especially duck, crawfish, alligator and Louisiana staples such as rice, soy beans and sugarcane. What’s not to love about the use of our state’s bountiful and rich resources in our restaurant establishments?


So where can you find the culmination of all these wonderful gifts of nature? The answer is SHUCKS!. SHUCKS! reveals the beauty of the Cajun culture, not only in their appetizers and entrees, but in their hospitality. Each guest is treated like family and the primary focus of the staff is to provide each guest with exactly what they want and more. Their recipes are handed down from generation to generation and they use the freshest of ingredients. Their simple blend of seasonings confuse the most knowledgeable of diners as they insist an exotic herb or pepper must be used in the dishes.
When asked what makes them different, one of the owners, David replies, “Come to think of it there is one ingredient that sets our food apart, love! We Cajuns love to share our food and hospitality with the world. We prepare each stuffed shrimp, each bowl of crawfish etouffee, each plate of fried or grilled oysters with love and pride.”


I can’t wait to become part of the SHUCKS! family and dine at their table! I just might have to make a trip to Abbeville before they open their doors in Lake Charles! I’ve been enticed by them from the time Marilyn Brunt wrote that article for The Jambalaya News in her column, “Traveling the Back Roads’ in July of 2017 issue. Until then I hope you dine Cajun Style and dance to your hearts content to the sound of a great Cajun band!
Bon Appetit!

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