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Interactive Tactical Gameplay is Coming to SWLA



The Lake Area’s newest full service gameplay and training company, Game2Life, is bringing a totally interactive gaming experience to the area and they’re opening their doors soon! “We are so excited to be bringing such cutting edge technology to Southwest Louisiana and can’t wait to share a next level entertainment experience,” said Game2Life’s creator Judson McCord.

As a lifelong resident of Lake Charles, McCord is excited to be offering a much newer form of “laser tag” gameplay to the Gulf Coast region that an interested player would previously need to travel as far away as Chicago, IL in order to experience. “Yes, the interactive technology that we’ll be using is truly ground-breaking. Forget everything you know about the old laser tag systems. iCOMBAT uses the most realistic tactical equipment on the planet with gameplay taking place inside our fully immersive arena.”

The “arena” as Judson put it, will be located at 3311 Broad St. in Lake Charles, just off of Interstate I-210 for easy access from all parts of the area. The 7,000 square foot facility will boast a 5,200 square foot field of play housed inside the fully climate controlled Game2Life building. And that’s not all. “We’ll also have onsite VR simulators, firearms safety training programs, axe throwing, as well as a second story dining and beverage area complete with balcony views that broad street has not seen in many years” added McCord.


Paul Glasco, host of the local hit television show on FOX 29, “Legally Armed America”, will not only be serving in a consulting roll for McCord and Game2Life, his show has been following the construction of Game2Life with regular installments on the show. Glasco adds, “I’m excited to be part of something so innovative and fresh that will also provide many levels of firearms safety training for our young people and adults in this area. I can see people coming from as far away as Houston and Baton Rouge to experience the level of entertainment Game2Life will be providing.”

It’s easy to see why Judson is so excited about Game2Life. The benefits of such a facility go far beyond the “fun factor”. “If we get just one kid off the couch and involved in a more active and productive form of entertainment then we’ve accomplished something great while also making him or her more safe and respectful around firearms without the potential danger of utilizing actual firearms to do so.”

Game2Life is a locally owned business, an original thought executed by McCord, his general contractor Alfred Palma, and Architects Porche May. For anything else concerning Game2Life, follow them at or on

Location: 3311 Broad Street, Lake Charles, LA  …

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