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In addition to CC’s Coffee, we’re getting a Wildwood Pizza at Country Club and Ihles Rd


We’d originally announced a couple of weeks ago that they’d started work on the corner of Country Club and Ihles Rd (diagonally across from Albertsons). Now, we have word that we’ll have coffee AND Pizza!

Here’s my original (award-winning…lol) photo.

Currently with one, original location in Alexandria, they claim to be the only wood-fired pizza place in Central Louisiana. Here’s a snippet from the website…

“The ONLY authentic wood-fired pizza experience, in Central Louisiana.

Welcome to Wildwood Pizza. Alexandria’s first wood-fired pizza oven casual dining experience. Wildwood Pizza is locally owned and Located on the corner of Texas and Jackson Street. We believe in creating exceptional pizzas made with our unique dough recipe and the freshest locally sourced ingredients.”


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