Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we get often.

Q. How can I get my business posted on

A. Easy, if you are a new or renovating business or if you are doing something that will impact the city, then send us a brief description and photos of the inside/outside of the business to We will only post about the business if it lines up with our editorial requirements.

Q. Are you a part of any local area Chamber of Commerce?

A. No. Developing Lake Charles is a development blog founded by Developing Louisiana, LLC, but driven by many.

Q. How can I advertise with

A. It’s simple. Either visit our “Advertise” Page or call 337-513-0229 to speak to a DL Sponsorship Specialist.

Q. Are you hiring?

A. No. However, we are always looking for volunteers that are passionate and interested about developments. We are in the process of expanding the Developing brand and need folks in other cities to start and write about developments happening there. Email us at if you are interested in blogging for us as a volunteer.

Q. Do you share rumors?

A. No. We do not share rumors, unless we have some verifiable evidence of it.

Q. Why are there advertisements on your site?

A. Advertisements and sponsorships help us defray the cost of running Developing Lake Charles.  They allow us to continue to do what we love, providing our readers the content they love, at no cost to our readers.  In addition to banner ads, we have 2 types of native advertisements.

Sponsorships present content that is funded, but not influenced, by an advertiser.  The content is produced, written and edited by Developing Lake Charles to the same standards as all editorial content.

Branded Content
Branded Content is content that is funded by and created in collaboration with an advertiser. We work closely with our advertisers to help tell their brand story and message through our voice and platform. This content is produced by Developing Lake Charles and is required to adhere to our mission of informing local communities of new and exciting developments and projects.

Q. Are you a Realtor or city official?

A. No. We are a group of like-minded individuals that love to promote the development & growth of Lake Charles.