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(Another) Mike’s Car Wash about to open!


This one is a curious development…

Not that we have a new Car Wash going in by the new Kroger at Nelson/Country Club, that’s not strange. The strange part is that the only entrance is inside the Kroger parking lot. The Car Wash is ON Country Club Rd, but there’s no entrance off of Country Club.

You literally have to go into the Kroger parking lot to enter…very strange!

Not that there’s NOT a ton of traffic through that property and I’m sure this car wash will do well…it’s just a little different.

Perhaps there’s a logistical reason why they didn’t cut an entrance on to Country club? If anyone know’s let us know…!


One of the owners reached out with this great insight…

“Ok so the reason why you enter that way is because that’s how the developers require us to do it. It’s not strange or uncommon for a large development project. They are only allowed so many entry points and exit points as it fills up it will make more sense as far as flow. (It also helps keep the flow in country club rd) We are very excited to tackle the Lake Charles market!”

Anyway! Mike’s Car Washes seem very popular (this is number 4) and it’s great to see a new development pop up…good luck them!

Dang Dumpster…

Dang Truck…

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