Bradley Moreau Title | Monthly Recap

May 2018 Monthly Recap of Posts; Sponsored by Bradley Moreau Title


May was another good month for the books…! Check out these Top 10 best posts from this month and see what you may have missed…!


1. Popular children’s show “Paw Patrol” is coming to Lake Charles

2. Potential buyer planning to turn a Lake Charles mansion into a restaurant and events center

3. New Shopping Center on Lake St to be anchored by Ward Chiropractic

4. There’s a new tenant moving in next to Aspen Dental on Nelson Rd…

5. New Strip Mall going in next MidSouth Bank on Nelson Rd

6. Bolton Ford’s Red White and Blue Oval Car and Truck show is coming up May 26th!

7. Looks like Homegoods is getting ready to open this weekend…!

8. The Pavillions Shopping Center is being built on Big Lake Rd

9. Wonderland Games to open in June on Ryan St next Casa Manana…

10. Baby, Baby, Baby is here…get ready…!



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